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DC Spring – Original Video

Doubletake Fluid Time-Lapse DC Spring


To demonstrate the features of Doubletake’s proprietary time-lapse software, we created a four week time-lapse showing the greening of Ginkgo trees in a Washington DC urban environment.

Time-lapse videos created in a single hour or day tend to be quite smooth because the lighting and content doesn’t change dramatically from frame to frame, but most time-lapse videos shot over many days can be almost unwatchable. As demonstrated here, shooting one frame every 30 minutes for over a month, erratic lighting conditions created by spring rain storms can torture the eye and obscure the blooming of the trees. ┬áThe software intelligently removes objects that don’t contribute to the time-lapse effect — such as rain on the lens, pedestrians, and cars parked for short periods. It also adjusts and smooths uneven lighting conditions. Even the motion created by the camera’s shifting position is softened to reveal the rhythms of the waxing and waning of the days.

The software can accommodate all types of video sources. If you have a time-lapse video that suffers from any of the problems shown here, email us for a quote.

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