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The Secret Universe of Names


The Secret Universe of Names (Overlook Press/Penguin), explores the meta-effects of how sounds influence human behavior. Low frequency sounds, for example, transmit over long distances and are consequently perceived as threats by all mammals. This is why gorillas beat their chests and lions roar.

High frequency sounds, on the other hand, (which are quickly absorbed by the air) tend to be used by mammals to communicate in intimate situations (hush, shh) or as alarm calls. Your dog understands this language too. To warn off interlopers, it barks with a low woof, but when overwhelmed (or trying to communicate gently), it uses a high-pitched whimper.

Every letter in the alphabet contains specific emotional content, and these sounds (and the facial expressions that generate them) have subtle but powerful effects on our emotions. The Secret Universe of Names explains, in name-by-name examples, shows how the sounds in specific names evoke basic, gut reactions and what this means for you and yours.

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“I love this book! It is amazingly accurate!! I haven’t found a name in this book that wasn’t accurate! It’s a must have when naming your baby! If you want your child to be sucessful in life then you need this book! It also helps to figure out certain personality types as well!”
– Liz

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  1. Sati Ramnarine August 6, 2018

    Hello Roy Feinson,

    A friend of mine introduced me to the book you wrote The Secret Universe of Names. I found the book to exciting and totally true with the descriptions of the names that I looked up. But unfortunately Roy, my name is not in the book.

    My name is Sati Nalini Ramnarine. I’m totally interested in knowing how my name affects my personality. Would you mind providing me any insight into discovering the meaning of my name?

    Yours truly,

    Sati Ramnarine

    • roy feinson August 7, 2018

      Thanks Sati:
      You’re right that your name isn’t covered, but since the SOUND of your name is most important, here’s a summary….
      As you know, an S is the sound of sensuality, sultriness, sassiness and evokes the hiss of snake – which is traditionally associated with sultry sexuality (the S even looks like a snake).
      The T (pronounced with an empathic movement of the tongue on the roof of the mouth) gives names a sense of vigor, as in triumph, talent, terrific.
      Names that end with a diminutizing sound (like I or IE) evoke a friendly, non-threatening persona.
      All told, people hearing your name, probably imagine a strong, feminine woman, who rarely shows aggression. Is that you?

  2. Christina Werner September 9, 2018

    Hi there! Would the name Björn fall under the letter sound “brn” in your book? We are considering naming our unborn son that and I’m curious as to the type of person that name would create. Thank you and love your book!

    • admin September 9, 2018 — Post Author

      Hi Christina: Yes. Björn would fall squarely under the BRN phoneneme and I’ll leave it to you to look up its influence. I wish you the best for your new son!

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