The best selling book, The Animal In You (St Martin’s Press,) explores the biological reasons why people tend to remind us of different animals.

Based on the idea that in every ecosystem on earth the same pattern of 50 species tends to emerge. We always find top predators, large prey animals, burrowing animals, flying species, and animals that rely on their wits, etc. Since humans have essentially become an ecosystem unto themselves, these forces also create the different personality types we find in human society.

The Animal In You is a fun exploration of human personalities and has been described as the ultimate party book. It features a sophisticated personality test that allows readers to identify their animal personalities and those of friends, coworkers and mates.

Tranlated into over a dozen languages, the book has been featured on CNN, The Dr. Phil Show, and hundreds of other TV and radio programs internationally. Visit to take the test and discover your own personality.

When I took the short easy test I was sceptical but after reading what it said about my animal personality, I was very amazed at how dead-on it was. This book is useful to anyone who wants to understand their personality better.
– Latonya

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