The frayed edges of this mosaic enhance the effect of Marilyn’s perfect face emerging from raw rock and I was delighted with the way this piece turned out. The brick-red flecked Unakite turned out to be the perfect element with which to depict her famous lips, and the olive green base color creates her otherworldly radiance.

The periphery of this mosaic is flecked with tiles of Amethyst, which when backlit, suffuse a moody purple glow. Because no grout is used in these mosaics, there is some tile misalignment and the piece is very delicate. Beautiful, flawed, delicate and brittle. Hmm…

The piece — one of the largest created — measures approximately 18″ x 19″ and is designed to be a free-standing wall-hanging artwork.

Click on the image for a closeup view.

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