Roy Feinson Marathon Posters
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Image Enhancement - $375.00 per hour. (2 hour minimum)
Includes a digital copy of the original tape, an analysis of the content using the prorprietary software, and an 8x10 Kodak print of the final image(s). Approximate time quotes are available upon viewing of the tape or film.

Print Enlargements
8x10 - $30.00
16x20 - $60.00
20x24 - $150.00
36 x 40 - $225.00
Larger sizes available on request.
*Additional large format enlargements of individual frames are available. Printed onto Kodak photographic paper suitable for courtroom presentation.

Certified Transcripts
$250.00 per hour

Court Testimony, Depositions, and Consulting
$1,800.00 per day in Washington D.C.
*Testimony, deposition, and consulting outside Washington D.C. are quoted on a case by case basis.

Video Copying
$50 per hour plus cost of materials

Quoted fees are considered retainers and are therefore non-refundable.

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