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After intelligently combining a number of frames and discarding noise and bad data, the software is able to discern the license plate on the bottom left.

This technique uses every pixel available on a security tape or film to discover nuances and detail to reveal a wealth of additional information. This proprietary enhancement software combines two systems of frame analysis -- multiple frame averaging and a patent pending intelligent noise reduction. Since both video and film involves the recording of many frames of the subject every second, information from successive frames can be accumulated and averaged to create a composite image of enormously improved resolution.

While any one frame may not have all the information required to improve an image, this data usually exists in part on successive frames. By analyzing the information on a number of frames and eliminating noisy components an entirely new image is created. Next, traditional methods are applied to enhance the final image to reveal the startlingly clear license plate shown above.

The process of averaging frames does in and of itself reduce the amount of noise in the final picture. A separate patent pending technique that removes intelligently removes noise without losing any data is the key to the DoubleTake process.

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